Top 4 Content Migration Vendors for the SharePoint Platform

SharePoint Online is a collaborative platform that maintains the integrity of the data online. It is a document management and storage platform that lets you store, create, organize, and share information under one roof. Migrating your content to SharePoint is becoming the fad for its numerous benefits. A detailed migration plan and strategy help you with migrating your data through various channels and tools. Before choosing a specific vendor, you as a business must consider the following tasks for a successful migration.

  • What content and data form you wish to migrate (customization and nature of migration)
  • When do you want to migrate (time-bound constraint)
  • How do you want to migrate (Vendor and tools)
  • What are your governance objectives?
  • What is your migration strategy?
  • What is your situational analysis of the current environment?

Having answered the concerns mentioned above, you can proceed with the migration. After thorough contemplation on the process’s ins and outs, you can decide on the vendor perfect for migrating your content to the SharePoint platform.


Xavor, a brand name for technological wonders, has been around for quite a while now. From offering consulting services to migrating and maintaining your online data integrity, it comes with all sorts of migration services. Xavor thrives on different functions that allow the smooth movement of data from one platform to another. Through a detailed and sophisticated SharePoint migration architecture, it supports data movement on a big scale. It can migrate a large amount of content. Deals efficiently in big data, Xavor supports migration in waves or levels. Its ability to manage complex enterprise data makes it the best choice for SharePoint migration. The SharePoint migrator tool, also known as the xspm, migrates data from wss 3.0 to moss 2007. The tools support content migration between wss 3.0 and moss 2007 platforms.


This is another vendor known for its open and free space. It provides open-source space for big projects and enterprise data. The space allows for the development and testing of SharePoint services. Along with providing a stable and detailed SharePoint migration framework, its primary services include access to Microsoft Office SharePoint portal server 2007, 2010, and 2013. These work as import or migration tools. The Codeplex comprises download space too, where you are met with various migrators. These migrators help with exporting and importing data. The cope is open to everyone for use.


The trusted vendor for SharePoint migration is none other than the tech company Dell. Having ventured into the SharePoint migration architecture recently, Dell has a fair share of migration services. Due to its migration properties and useful tools, it has secured a position in fortune 500 companies known for SharePoint migration in a short span. The SharePoint suite of Dell provides options for migration from and to on-premise deployment in Office 365. It takes care of processes that are complex and may otherwise take ample time.


For its growing interest in SharePoint migration, Vamosa has been making waves in the online technology solution for a long time. It can migrate content from multiple sources and sites to the SharePoint platform. The feature of migrating content from any location to a targeted platform makes it one of the best migration vendors. Bulk migration, notes migrations, and quick migrations are their forte. Being one of the oldest vendors in town for migration tools, it has captured a fair market share.

If you are looking for a smooth and brisk migration process to and from any platform, the vendors mentioned above are your way forward. It is always best to leave SharePoint migration in the hands of some professionals to avoid scammers and frauds.

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