Smart Tracking of Criminals Using Artificial Intelligence

No matter how smart the technology gets, the criminal would become smarter. Even with high tech security systems, crimes do happen. Eradicating 100% crime is far from possible in the current times but tracking the crime and the criminal is possible. In the era of artificial intelligence and smart surveillance, anything from suspect tracking to crime prevention could be done. Artificial intelligence has truly improved surveillance and crime detection systems. Let us have a thorough look at how is that possible.

Criminal Tracking with Artificial Intelligence

Video Surveillance

Smart cameras, which use artificial intelligence and machine learning, are used to see footage of the crime. These cameras are a better and improved version of the regular CCTV cameras. Video surveillance allows us to see the never seen before the quality of the video with improved resolution and angles. The video surveillance could be seen from past events and reviewed. The video analysis is conducted through artificial intelligence that not only does the situational analysis of the crime but also obtains the trending data. The videos can help detect a pattern in crime which was earlier done by individuals. The process was long and tedious and required days or months. Video surveillance along with analysis is now done through the machines and smart tech products that take the burden off the humans. The margin of error is reduced.

Facial Recognition

Humans tend to make mistakes when it comes to identifying people or even matching their features. Smart technology and artificial intelligence nowadays could help in facial recognition. For instance, in case of a heinous crime, bite marks, stabbing act, or physical violence, from teeth patterns to eyebrow matching, all of this is done through artificial intelligence. Sometimes with time, criminals develop wrinkles, loose skin, or change their physical appearance. This becomes difficult for police or normal people to detect the criminal. Artificial intelligence is handy in this regard as it identifies a person based on their genes, their eye color, their bone structure, and whatnot. From nose length to skin moles, all features are fed to the machine, which processes the information to yield results. According to a report about 80 nodal points of the human face which are impossible sometimes to identify, could be recognized through a smart product.


The normal algorithm of artificially intelligent machines helps in image detection. The process otherwise could take months if conducted through human participation. The criminals could be identified by their old or new pictures. The algorithms that serve this purpose are scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) and speed up robust features (SURF). The system would run through the pictures of the criminals on its database. It matches the pictures from the passport to the driving license. This imaging service brings agility and quick response which saves time, money, and human effort. The accuracy is as well ensured.

Through artificial intelligence, the crimes detected and could even be predicted for political unrest, and terrorism.

Let us face the undeniable fact that CCTV footage from multiple cameras could not be seen overnight in case of brutal crimes. Progressive organizations make use of artificial intelligence that processes multiple video files overnight. It could even do so in a matter of a few minutes. Had this been a task assigned to the police force or the interrogation department, it would have taken days. The concept of a polygraph test is also not that old. Artificial intelligence could improve the polygraph test which detects if a person is telling the truth or not. The artificial intelligence of the system monitors the heart rate, the blood pressure, and other physicality to see if the criminal is telling a lie or confessing.

Criminals may be able to dodge the humans and outsmart them, but they cannot outsmart the technology.

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