Lucrative Career Choices Involving Machine Learning Expertise

The year 2020 taught us the meaning of “survival of the fittest”. The learning came with a great cost because of the natural calamities like Pandemic, wildfires, and hurricanes. It could have been easier for us. We could have dealt with the natural disasters had we prepared ourselves in time. Data scientists keep screaming the buzz words but we hardly lend an ear to them. Artificial intelligence, smart devices, machine learning, or deep learning could save humanity from a lot of damage. Be it the preventive measures, vaccines, or protective gear, science has an answer to all.

artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine learning has brought a disruptive evolution, transforming the digital landscape. Machine learning deals with a notion of artificial intelligence where the machine learns how to process and operate as an intelligent being. Being a subset of artificial intelligence, it deals with how part of smart operations. The operations conducted through machine learning are accurate and dynamic. These buzz words could baffle a business executive let alone a layman. However with a little interest and perspective, one could find a potential future in machine learning.

Data Scientist

Without being assisted by humans, machine learning focuses on improving the experience, learning from history, and building new analysis. Machine learning helps with statistical data programming, forecasting models, data processing, cloud computing, and whatnot. Through the combined efforts of all these parameters, businesses obtain conclusive results helpful in the decision-making process. To make error-free, productive, fast, and smart decisions machine learning helps a great deal. Businesses could make fortune working through machine learning. A probable careerx for data scientists could be excelling in machine learning services for a flourishing business.

According to a recent study, an increase in demand for data scientists has increased by 417% from last year. These data scientists have expertise in machine learning services and artificial intelligence. With an average salary leading up to $12,254 for a data scientist and machine learning career offers up to $14,997. With a salary that handsome, a lucrative career is offered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

ML Engineers

ML engineering is a new and promising career in the upcoming years. It deals in algorithms developed based on ML tools and learning. They work on the designs and implementation of new dynamic systems. They strive to develop apps and self-learning programs capable of solving intricate and complex real-world problems. These engineers are well-versed in machine learning, software development, and programming. This dynamic trio of fields makes Machine learning engineering a lucrative career option for math enthusiasts. The use of programming languages mainly python, java, and Scala are extensive. ML engineers give actionable insights that are further used by CEOs to make profitable decisions. These actionable insights require minimal human supervision or involvement.

Such is the miracle of machine learning. The demand for machine learning engineers is all-time high nowadays. ML engineers make an average income of $113k. It goes as high as $154k. the introductory salary is around $83K. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and Accenture hire and offer high and market competitive salaries for ML engineers.

These two are among the highest paying jobs of 2020. People excelling in artificial intelligence and machine learning are high in demand these days. Most of the crucial and path-breaking verdicts are brought forward by those specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Major decisions involving a new approach, idea, business plan, experiment, and project revolve around solid and concrete decision making. The decision-making process is aided by machine learning skills. It is therefore imperative in today’s world to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends.