Customer-Centric UX Design Approach to a Successful Business

The customer is the king. They make or break your business. No matter what you deliver, if by the end of the day you have failed to impress your customer or the user, you have lost a potential customer and by chain effect, a positive word of mouth marketing eventually. It is therefore important how the user perceives your business, how are you as a business positioned in the mind of the user and what core value have you instilled through your product or service. Businesses adopting a customer-centric approach have flourished well and may continue to broaden their horizon if the user experience and perception solidify.

User Experience or UX Design is how your user approaches your product or service, what he feels or thinks about your business, and how the human/device interaction has changed the perception of your business. The overall experience of interfacing with a system comes under the umbrella of UX. Postmodern marketing states how marketing has expanded beyond just the 5Ps and now relies more on the user experience traits which are quite subjective as they vary from person to person. Along with Price, place, promotion, product, and people now the user’s experience matters as much as any part of it.

Interfacing with a system includes website, app, or desktop software interaction of the user.

The usefulness of User Experience

Businesses can no longer rely on the low price high-quality product or service because if the user needs, be it emotional or psychological is not met, he or she will not be a returning and you can bid goodbye to brand loyalty as well. In reciprocity, a good user experience not only promises greater customer influx but a stronger brand loyalty as well. The entire journey of the user from when he steps foot in your shop, website, or app to purchase the service or product is meant for your business.

The subjectivity of User Experience

Each person’s value of the product or service is different, their interaction with the business varies and thus each user has a different experience. For once I may like how the ambiance of the virtual presence of your business but my colleague may despise the complexity of the app.

How to identify the loopholes in Experience?

  • Ask your customer, get in their shoes or heads, explore their needs, user engagement is as important as any part of it
  • Take their opinion or criticism in a positive manner rather than getting offended
  • Make suitable amendments in the system and incorporate the changes they suggest

The Honeycomb Principles

The honeycomb principles are meant to give a wholesome view of the business and through the lens of it, your user may have a positive experience that is conducive to brand loyalty.

Honeycomb Principles

Useful: is your product or service users and delivering the utilitarian purpose? Is the user’s goal/need or want to be met through your product or service?

Usable: is the experience of using complex or how have you as a business made it easier for the consumer to reach out for information of any sort? The user’s journey to reach the desired place has to be easy and less agonizing.

Desirable: the aesthetics of your product or service need to be pleasing and attractive enough to make it desirable for the user. Either the appearance or the peace of mind it gives to the user to decide the desirability of your product or service.

Accessibility: how have you prioritized your customer base? Is your product accessible to your entire customer base or do some shortcomings in the process make it inaccessible for some?

Credible: Users must believe in your product or service. This trust comes before everything to satisfy the customer. A positive brand image is strengthened or built through a product or service that your user believes is good for them in comparison to your competitors.

Findable: Making sure the content you create virtually or physically is findable or could be traced. Give control and autonomy to control the user greatly impacts the business. For example, if on an online shopping store, cluttered information is making it hard for the customer to search for the desired product then the essence of user experience is lost.

Valuable: The cherry on top is the value perception of your product or service through the eyes of users. Do they value your product or service or not? And if not the key lies in finding the answer to that mystery.

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