Artificial Intelligence and Commute in Corona Times

When the pandemic first hit us, we were all under the impression that it will just go by like any other event in history. To our surprise, it drastically and forever changed the course of our life. Every chore, routine tasks, office work, social behaviors, and traveling took a different path. Hygiene, cleanliness, and social distancing are the new normal now. With homes now operating as the new workstations, groceries being ordered online, the daily commute or traveling has also changed.

artificial intelligence & covid 19

Elenium Automation

A travel ban was imposed locally and internationally for months. With lockdown now easing up in several parts of the world, international travel is now possible but with a lot of precautions and rules. AI solutions have yet again made air travel and commute possible. The recently developed Kiosk by the Australian company is making air travel better and improved through artificial intelligence.

The kiosk makes use of artificial intelligence to read for possible health patterns in passengers traveling. The latest technology incorporated in the kiosk detects;

  • Health-related especially flu complications
  • The health screening by monitoring for various symptoms like flu, cough
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory illness
  • Heartbeat

The process of screening is simple yet reliable. It is a hands-free technology so it ensures no contact which may lead to possible contamination or germ transfer. The kiosk is a portable germ detecting device launched by Elenium Automation. It also provides self-service check-in options to travelers. It distinguishes and isolates people with flu-like symptoms from healthy individuals.

A person must stand in front of the kiosk before checking-in for a flight. It then uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to detect any symptoms. To avoid any physical contact, it responds to the user’s or traveler’s hand and head movement. The kiosks are installed in international airports and they have resumed air travel to save economies from plunging. People getting scanned are then allowed to move forward to their respective flights.

Robotic Technology

Artificial intelligence is a wondrous technology, run through the machines rendering human involvement limited. The onboarding, ticket checking, boarding pass issuing, ticket issuing, and many such tasks could be performed through artificial intelligence. A probable solution to cater to this is introducing robots carrying out the processes that otherwise people did. This is a safe way of traveling, avoiding human contact, and escaping the death trap of germ contamination. These robots are intelligent enough to operate as humans. Their speed is faster, they are more agile and ensure more efficiency in the process.

Going Paperless

Another option for safe travel is by going entirely paperless. This sounds absurd at first, but it is a lot more practical than paper-based procedures. Using facial recognition, retinal identification, and chatbot revolutionize the customer service that could be allowed to move forward instead of buying tickets and boarding passes. The purchase could be carried out before entering the airports through mobiles and then the AI installed booths would scan the person for confirmation. The process would be entirely hands-free and virtual. The automation of the system would save people from contracting this heinous disease.

Artificial intelligence or machine learning has opened doors for air travel which was thought impossible like a month or two ago. But now every country has realized that COVID-19 is here to stay till the arrival of an effective vaccine. It is only wise and smart to accept the new normal and change our ways according to it. Economies are getting disturbed drastically because of it, airlines are filing for bankruptcy as they were not operational for more than 3 months. The need of the hour is to resume our lives with the same spirit but with caution and a lot of social distancing.

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