Applications of Machine Learning

Now and then, a buzzword surfaces and changes our perspective of viewing the world through a whole different lens. From digitalization to artificial intelligence, man has left no stone unturned. Whilst the race to achieve artificially-intelligent programs, machines, and systems is never-ending, the essence of the entire struggle is rooted in “how” to achieve this transformation. How does man curate the entire technological shift and what does it take to program a machine or a system to achieve that man-like intelligence or superiority beyond men.

  • Machine Learning Antics

Machine learning is often confused with artificial intelligence, but a few know that it is a means to achieve the latter. Whilst artificial intelligence encompasses the smartness and intelligent working of a machine, machine learning being a subset of it deals with methods of learning how to achieve it. The ability of a machine to learn functions like humans and feeding it with data and algorithms to program it smartly come under the umbrella of Machine learning.

  • Companies Investing in Machine Learning

Often our feeble minds are slow to comprehend how companies make a mark in today’s highly competitive world with homogenous products and services. What makes them stand out or differentiate? The answer to it is Machine Learning. To name a few, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are few of the many companies employing machine learning in their operations to raise their success bars. The distinguishability of the chatbot by Facebook or Hotmail between spam messages and important one is the ability of the software to learn and act accordingly. It takes in a lot of algorithms, programming codes that are fed with extensive data to reach that learned state.

Applications of Machine Learning

  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Searches

The smart ranking of web pages on Google or Bing is the use and incorporation of Machine learning. The operating system at the backend has been programmed to learn how complex commands are to be ranked when a certain word or topic is searched online. Google/Bing learns to display data based on its relevance to the user and already stored information whilst a series of programming codes run behind to achieve that web search.

  • Photo tagging/ Image Recognition

Ever wondered how your iPhone, Facebook, or any other photo editing software quickly captures the face in the picture and reminds you to tag the relevant person. Startling is the fact of how accurately it predicts the individuals in photos. This particular feature or use is another virtue of machine learning, making our lives easy. A face recognition algorithm or programming code is running behind to ensure this antic.

  • Retail Industry/ E-commerce

Shopping websites recommend the users or visitors related products or services based on your previous searches, preferences, and history. The machine learning behind this predictive pattern is made possible through analysing and studying the user’s buying history, where the machine fetches data, analyses, stores, and then generates personalized results.

  • People You May Know?

Machine learning as stated earlier works on the principle of data analysis and interpreting it to the audience. Based on the data retrieved from the workplace, family and friends, likes and interests, groups joined and searches made online on Facebook, it starts showing you acquaintances you might want to get in touch with, pages you might want to visit, and groups you like to join. The process of machine learning is continuous and keeps getting better and improved with every search a user performs and every second spent online. Videos recommended and channels to work in the same manner where the machine learns based on the viewing time, videos watched and skipped, and much more.

Machines are more complex than we give them credit for. Growth and machine learning are a never-ending complex process, all designed for our benefit. The notion is to utilize the ability of machines in a constructive manner.

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