8 Ways Microsoft SharePoint 2019 Benefits Your Business

75% of Fortune 500 companies employ Microsoft SharePoint as it increases productivity and enhances effective collaboration through the strategic implementation of innovative technology. Microsoft SharePoint, document management, and collaboration tool that enables organizations and enterprises to manage and control their internal content. SharePoint can be deployed on a local server or can be hosted on the cloud using the SharePoint Online feature.

SharePoint easily integrates with Office 365 hence providing your corporation a much more effective platform than a traditional file system. SharePoint Online goes a step further and becomes your gateway to your office allowing you a seamless experience across multiple devices, hence supporting mobility, remote access, and web apps along with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and compliance.

The 2019 update of SharePoint provides a more user-centered which is compelling and easier to use. With a major improvement in document management, this Sharepoint a digital workplace ensures the development of new sites within seconds. SharePoint 2019 also ensures that you have access to SharePoint Online 24/7 through your mobile application.

Here we look at the 8 Ways Microsoft SharePoint 2019 is bringing productivity and seamless workflow in your enterprise.

1. Updated Site Architecture

The SharePoint 2019 brings an engaging and user-friendly site experience where the site architecture is flat, and every site is an independent site collection. Allowing easy access to users, the updated site architecture enhances flexibility for organizations through a simple and more interactive website architecture. Through the flat architecture, everything is accessible at a single platform, and users aren’t required to go to different subsites for every little thing.

2. Branding and Customization

SharePoint 2019 brings a whole new playing field for users to provide a sleek and polished look. The 2019 update allows you to create a customized look based on your preferences. Offering several different features like Headers, Footers, Navigation, Page Content, SharePoint 2019 aims to guarantee a responsive and mobile-friendly site for you.

SharePoint Digital Workplace

3. Responsive Web Designs

The new and improved SharePoint 2019 aims to provide websites that are faster, responsive, and mobile-friendly. Since most people access the website from their mobile phones, the update makes sure you are provided with an engaging experience on the go. This allows you to remain on top of all the important updates while ensuring a productive workflow.

4. Business Process Automation

The latest update of SharePoint generates automated workflows to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more through Microsoft Flow. Through this new feature, you can enjoy the benefits of automated emails and data backups, automatic data sync with social media, and request approval workflow. You can also collect, manipulate, and store data from different services and are able to repeat a task automatically after a given time interval.

5. Custom Development

SharePoint 2019 provides native support for the SharePoint Framework, a page and part model, that allows fully supported client-side development along with easy integration with Microsoft Graph and support for open-source tooling. Custom development also includes such tailor-made features that SharePoint doesn’t provide out of the box.

6. Power Apps

SharePoint 2019 enables you to easily build your desired business apps while enabling you to extend and customize the apps you already use with PowerApps. It can be accessed through all kinds of devices. SharePoint enables you to build top-notch business apps without prior knowledge of custom coding and app development.

MS SharePoint

7. Search Improvements

The updated 2019 version of SharePoint provides effective search capabilities and informative ways to discover information, expertise, and insights enabling you to make informed decisions. SharePoint provides a rich content management system that empowers your corporation to maximize and streamline the flow of knowledge. Through a modern search experience, SharePoint 2019 provides type-ahead contextual results in the search box, with modern search result pages for SharePoint Home and site search.

8. Customized Search

The 2019 update of SharePoint is focused on providing a more personalized experience to you. It allows you to customize your search experience by including or excluding content from search according to your preference. You can also personalize your research by specifying the data, columns, or documents you want to search from. This also enables your search results to appear to be customized.

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