5 Ways Machine Learning Helps us in our Everyday Lives

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are often used interchangeably since the former is a subset of the latter. Along with professional and industrial usage of machine learning, now a layman is getting used to the perks of machine learning in routine tasks. With the arrival of machine learning manual labor has become obsolete and now due to the superintelligence of those very machines, mental labor and capabilities would also be performed through machine learning. Machine learning is a popular application of artificial intelligence where the devices possess cognitive abilities similar to those of humans. The machines learn based on data and input provided to them daily.

applications of machine learning

The results and application of machine learning thus keep becoming better with every data record being stored. It is by the virtue of the learning capabilities of a machine that the working and processes keep getting better and offer a more elaborate experience to the users. Every day we are making use of many smart trends unknowingly. Let us explore in detail how machine learning is impacting our lives daily.

1. Traveling Assistants

Every day you set out for the office, start your car and follow the Google Maps predictions for the safest, least crowded, and shortest route. Those traffic predictions voiced by Google help you navigate through crowds, avoid crowds, and closed routes. The velocities of the vehicle driven every time, the routes taken, and traffic conditions are all stored in a central server when the user turns on the location or GPS. With every drive, the machine keeps recording the data and the navigation keeps getting better. Such is the power and intelligence of a machine.

2. Online Cab Services

Now and then, we have to travel via cabs like Careem or Uber. These are the online cab services that are not available otherwise. The user logs in on the app, books the ride online and the car reaches your desired location. Based on your destination, the fare is calculated, keeping in view the distance, speed, traffic jam, and waiting time. Machine learning is very much an evident phenomenon in this scenario where the cab is based on location and other parameters, and peak hours calculate the fare. The engineers at Uber themselves credit the success of online cab services to machine learning.

3. Email Filtration

Every day we receive numerous emails in our inbox. Emails that could potentially harm our operating system as they are bugged with viruses. More than 325,000 malware is detected on daily basis in our inbox. If it were not for the smart email filtration process, we would have our systems flooding with viruses. To get rid of those spam emails, to segregate spam and junk from the authentic emails, filters and blockers are working at the back end. These filters, firewalls, and techniques are all powered by machine learning. Machine learning does the necessary cleaning of our mailbox for safe usage.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Students and teachers make the most use out of this plagiarism checker which is operated by machine learning. Since plagiarism is a crime and ought not to be performed, a plagiarism detector is used which detects the uniqueness of the content. If you were to detect the uniqueness of the content, being human, there would have been a lot of constraints. It is the machine learning that processes and makes use of certain algorithms that detect the similarity function in the numerical estimation of documents.

5. Snapchat Filters

The most fascinating feature of Snapchat, the filters are a work of art. The science behind this is machine learning which is also known as lenses. It is the machine learning that detects facial features accurately and then applies filters to it. The facial activity lets the Snapchat apply filters and shift it according to the movement of the face.

Machine learning never ceases to amaze us with its many wonders and capabilities. The wonders which would have been impossible to imagine. From 3D imaging, virtual reality & chatbots revolution, machine learning is creating waves around us. It is up to us how we use smart technology to our benefit.

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