5 Mind-Boggling Predictions of Artificial Intelligence

If you were to have one superpower, what would you wish for? Flying in the air? Being invisible? Reading people’s minds? Predicting the future or knowing it? Imagine how our lives would change if one could see the future. That day is not far when superpowers would not just be associated with superheroes. But how exactly would it be possible? Years from now, through Artificial Intelligence, a man may be able to do what has been thought of as impossible for now. Time travel for instance may be possible. A century ago, nobody would have thought of computers or mobiles existing in our lives, but it did happen. Who knows what the future holds for us? I say Artificial Intelligence is powerful enough to change the course of our lives.

The Wonders of Artificial Intelligence

From flying cars to being invisible, scientists may be able to curate superpowers in laboratories through artificial intelligence. Making the embedded systems powerful enough to solve complex mathematical problems and relying heavily on machine learning for national security are wonders of science. With artificial intelligence, the biggest wonder of science till date, man could achieve the following,

Human-Robot Hybrid

Augmented reality is a modified form of reality, giving life-like experience through online and virtual presence. Augmented humans could also be fashioned in the same manner through the wonders of artificial intelligence. Imparting capabilities like that of the robot to a human could be done. From enhancing physical strength to mental capabilities, artificial intelligence is behind all. The concept of designer babies is relatively new but is powerful enough to make us understand how changes could be made to a human body. Through genetically modified technology, physical features are enhanced by the baby while it is still a fetus. Who is to say, the human-robot hybrid is impossible with AI Solutions when we are halfway there? Elon Musk’s company Neuralink is experimenting with creating the hybrid.

Real-Time Personalization

Artificial intelligence could be so strong, it would be able to tell or read our minds and make accurate predictions based on it. The computers, mobile apps, or PCs though AI would refine the searches according to our wishes and present the results we seek. Offering personalized experiences is going to be the next big truth of artificial intelligence. We see the glimpse and bits of which nowadays in our searches as well. The need is to polish the search and offer a personalized experience in real-time.

AI and Security Concerns

Face detection and thumb impression to unlock devices is a new AI-driven feature on our apps. It could be amplified to provide security from possible thefts, viruses, and bugs sent to our system eliminating the need to have an antivirus in the first place. Security could be increased on national levels for top security war missions, for concealment of nuclear weapons, and so on. Facial recognition and other AI-infused technology solutions could be used in banks or in our financial transactions to mitigate the risk of identity theft and financial fraud.

Predicting Natural Calamities

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, tsunamis, pandemics, lightning, and thunderstorms are some of the natural disasters which come unannounced. Soon through careful examination and studying past trends, statistical factoring, and external or environmental factors, machines could predict these disasters. Precious lives could be saved through artificial intelligence.

Time Travel

The goal of every scientist has always been time travel. Stephan Hawking did emphasize the idea of a black hole and possible time travel through it, but artificial intelligence may be an earthly source to achieve that. Designed complex and intricate formulae beyond the comprehension of human minds could render time travel possible.

Who is to say, all of this is not possible? A century ago, we had no clue of artificial intelligence, but today we are discussing time travel. Maybe a century from now our great-grandchildren may be traveling through time.